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from The Warrior is Silent by Scott Shaw

Won Hwa (Original Flowers) were the female leaders of the Hwa Rang. The term Won Hwa is often incorrectly used to represent a single individual; in fact, Won Hwa was a group of highly revered Buddhist nuns who spiritually guided these Buddhist monastic warriors.

The Won Hwa formed a holy army, inspired by the Buddhist doctrine of no-self. They believed their bodies were only portals through which, with proper action, they could raise their consciousness on to a higher level of Buddha-self. Thus, these warriors [the Hwa Rang] devoted their entire lives and all of their actions to their spiritual teacher, Won Hwa, who led them on the path of Buddhist warrior practices.

Hwa Rang warriors were all male; however, women participated in non-combat positions. Each division of Hwa Rang was led by a Won Hwa, who motivated and nurtured the young men as a matriarch.